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EzWagez Basic is the easy and free payroll system that is designed for small businesses with simple payroll needs. Historical payroll data is displayed in detail, per time period and per employee:

Whether you currently do your payroll manually or use a sophisticated accounting package, EzWagez will help you to calculate paycheck amounts and to keep historical payment records.


Adding employees is easily done from the main page. Click on the New Employee Toolbar menu and enter your employee's required information:

  • Number of allowances
  • Filing status (single or married)
  • Pay period
  • Pay rate
  • Advanced Earned Income Credit (if applicable)

Save your employee's information by pressing the toolbar's save button. You may use the Delete button to permanently remove an employee from the database. When you delete an employee, all their historical wage information gets permanently deleted as well, thereby making your quarterly and yearly payroll totals inaccurate.

It is recommended instead that you deactivate an employee. Emmployees can be deactivated by modifying their employment status as seen in this figure:
Historical period selection

Employee paychecks get calculated on the Paychecks page. The EzWagez payroll engine calculates your employees paycheck amounts. Payment history and other important company totals are available on this page. Paycheck history is displayed in detail, per time period and per employee.

  1. Employee list selection
  2. Detailed breakdown of a selected check
  3. Pay period and check date
  4. Employee payment history
  5. Control panel for scrolling, deleting and creating paychecks

The employee payment history panel (4) contains several tabs with amounts that you will find useful when completingyour quarterly and yearly returns, like:

  • Employee Totals The sum of hours, earnings, taxes and payments per employee for the period you have selected (year or quarter)
  • Company Totals Total hours, taxes and payments made by the company including AEIC for the selected period
  • All Employees Payment detail for all employees grouped by employee for the selected period
  • State Unemployment Wages for the Quarter Totals that you need for filing your state unemployment returns
Create a paycheck:

Click on the New Paycheck toolbar icon to create a new paycheck. For hourly employees, enter the regular hours and any overtime worked for the period selected. Press the Calculate button to calculate the deductions and the net pay amount. The Record (save) button will finalize and add this check to your payroll history. For Salaried employees, there are no hours worked to enter. The Gross amount gets calculated from the salary and pay period set up for a particular employee (the calculated gross amount can be overridden and modified).

Once it has been recorded, a paycheck can no longer be modified. If you need to make a correction to a paycheck, you must delete it then recreate it. Be careful when deleting historical checks as it will impact your payroll totals for that period.

EzWagez calculates the amounts needed for your quarterly Form 941EZ. Select a quarterly period from the toolbar (see No. 5 in the figure above), then press the Form 941 button to display the 941 form with all its totals. All the necessary fields get calculated from the payroll that you recorded for that quarter. You may modify the total adjustments (line 7 on the form) as well as line 11. Press the Record button to keep a historical record of your quarterly filings

Print Outs and Reports: EzWagez offers you form printouts as well as a couple of reports:

Press the Print toolbar icon to print your form exactly as it appears on your screen. The Form Printout option is available for both the Main and the Paychecks form. Scroll the employees or payments list to display the exact information that you wish to print.

A printer setup dialog appears prior to printing, where you can modify and select the proper printer settings. Form Printouts work best in the Landscape page layout.

Detailed reports are available for the employee payment History tab, the All Employees tab as well as the State Unemployment wages tab. Information will print for the period that you select in the Quarter and Year selection in the Paychecks form. The Print Preview button is visible only when one of the 3 tabs mentioned above are selected, and invisible otherwise. These reports will appear in Preview mode before you actually send them to print.Because of column count, the History report prints only in landscape mode, while the other 2 reports will print only in portrait mode.

Please contact us with your suggestions, questions and feedback. 

EzWagez Plus

EzWagez Plus is subscription based and costs only 5 dollars for 60 days of usage. It came about as the result of many requests and feedback received from users, mostly in the US but also abroad. The Plus version offers several advantages:

  • A better looking interface
  • A reverse paycheck calculator. You simply enter the desired net paycheck amount to automatically compute the gross amount and all the tax to withhold and deductions
  • Custom tax calculations
  • The ability to input a state income tax amount (without a state calculations subscription) 
  • Four custom after tax deductions
  • Four custom pre tax deductions
  • A fully adjustable check printing utility
  • Optional employee pictures
  • Employee past and future events recording
  • Access to both Internal (inside EzWagez) and external documents (on your hard drive)
  • Data backup and restore

Users of the free basic version get a free 1 month trial of EzWagez Plus. To claim your free trial period, click on the 'Plus Version Not Enabled' section, located on the bottom left menu of the status bar. Select 'Try it Now' to start your free trial.

When your Plus trial period ends and you decide not to renew, you will automatically revert back to the free version.

EzWagez Plus Employee Interface:

(The image Georges Washington displayed here is for demonstration purposes only. It does not imply that Geroges Washington ever used EzWagez Plus)

Custom Tax Calculations:

Press the Calculation Defaults menu to set the default tax calculations and deductions for all your employees. These are default settings only and can be overriden for each employee in the payroll settings form.

The Federal income tax calculations can be customized as well. Deduction amounts can either be a fixed as in $100 per paycheck or percentages of the gross income amount (you do not need to enter a % sign in the box).
Some calculated tax amounts (like state income tax) can be manually overriden in the paycheck calculation form.

Employee Detail Page

Individual Employee Payroll Settings:

Since not all employees will have the same deduction settings, you can use the Employee Payroll Settings form to set individual employee payroll information. Payroll deductions can be either fixed amounts (as in $150 deduction per paycheck) or percentage amounts (as in deduct 2.3% from gross amount). To enter a percentage amount simply add a % sign at the end of the deduction number.

Employee Events:

Ezwagez Plus also allows to keep track of important employee events. Schedule future events like meetings and vacations. Keep a record of past events, like sick days.
Right click inside the events folder to add and modify events.

Employee Documents:

The EzWagez Plus document explorer lets you easily access important employee documents like resumes, applications, photo IDs, performance reviews or any other document necessary for your business needs.

Internal Documents are created with the EzWagez document Explorer's own text editor. These documents are stored internally to EzWagez so you dont have to remember where you have saved them on your hard drive.

External Documents on the other hand, are links to external documents that are stored in directories of your choice on your hard drive, like word processing or spreadsheet documents. You can also create links to images and videos or other miscellaneous type of document. Since external documents are only links, you can delete them without affecting the actual physical document stored on your hard drive.

Data Backups and Restores:

You can backup your database to any safe location on your hard drive or on any external media. Data is stored in xml format. Data backups and restores affect only employee detail and paycheck information. Employee documents don't get backed up nor restored.

Form 941 Printing:

EzWagez Plus computes the Form 941 totals. It then allows you to view and print the form in pdf format exactly as required by the IRS.

Check Printing:

EzWagez Plus provides a highly customizable check printing utility. To start the check printing utility, click on the printer image in the middle right hand corner of the Paycheck form:


You can then click and move any field on the Print a Check form (figure below). Move fields to the appropriate positions that align with your pre printed check form. Keep adjusting until you are satisfied with the final printed result. Press the Preview menu to preview your printout in your default web browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 is recommended as a minimum for its advanced printing capability). Save your changes using the Save Settings menu to set your check printing default.

The Font menu lets you adjust your page font selection and size. The Show/Hide menu lets you remove any field that you do not wish to print.

Supported States:

Some states withholding tax are table based while other states income tax are based on percentages. States that have table based formulas require a yearly subscription (20 dollars per year). EzWagez Plus currently supports state income tax calculations for the following table based states:

  • California
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia

Plus users whose states are percentage based can simply enter the proper percentage amount in their default Payroll Settings page.

"I am so pleased with the ease, simplicity and cost of the program. My payroll is not complicated and I really didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for software and a high monthly service fee to calculate my payroll. This fits perfectly. I would highly recommend it. I am still extremely happy with what the program does. It has really made my life much simpler and will continue to use it regardless."

Mary Walter
Legal Assistant
Randall A. Gill, Attorney at Law
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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